Why blue food is so rare

Why blue food is so rare

By Julie Brooks Barbour

 Title of news article, July 2012

Blue sky goes dark, then black. Call her blue, sitting in the sun under the exhaust pipe from the dryer. Her husband has the car, working. The car is gold. The office building is red brick.  Their house is yellow. Her daughter wears an oversized blue shirt to sleep in. The pen she uses to write letters is blue, but also black, like its ink.  Her skin has pink undertones.  Cut, her skin bleeds red; if run into a bag, becomes black. Unnatural to be blue, some say. Maybe a bluebird or a blue jay, but to be blue inside is to be sick. Darkness settled briefly by some pill or silence. Even then, not completely quiet.

– refers to to “black” in Black-Eyed Susan in Morning by Beth Cagle Burt

  1. I really like this Julie! Great job and congratulations on your contributors page!

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