1. Deborah DeNicola

    Hello! I saw an ad for submissions for your magazine.
    Do you have online submissions?

  2. Deborah please check out our guidelines tab. We are currently using submishmash submission manager for online submissions but this may change.

  3. val dering rojas

    I’m slightly confused.

    Does the artwork refer to other artwork or poetry? I have only come across one piece of art that refers back to another piece (so far).

    Must the artwork refer back, or do you accept submissions of art purely for poetic inspiration?

    This is an awesome mag, and I would love to contribute art and/ or poetry ( don’t worry, the guidelines for poetry I *completely* get! )

    Thank you!


  4. Please review our guidelines page on how the referrals work as well as how to submit. Thanks!

  5. val dering rojas

    Thank you! I did read the guidelines page, I just wasn’t clear on the art aspect. I suppose since this is *Referential* Magazine, I now understand. 🙂

    Again, great magazine , and I’m excited to create something to submit!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. We occasionally send out a call for non-referred “feature” work but otherwise all referrals 🙂

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