Wonder Woman at 40

Wonder Woman at 40

By Wendy Carlisle

Once the comic book opens, your heart
begins its endless search for
sensation embodied in that slick first cover.
Your former life was another art,
required an invisible airplane,
bullet deflecting bracelets,
the anomaly of a Lone Ranger mask
but the minute you catch on
to the strength of Superman plus…
the allure of a good and beautiful woman, you
drop Diana Prince’s golden Lasso,
let go the doe-eyed gaze and toned torso.
No more need for costume,
bare and apocalyptic
you begin.

*Quote, William Moulton Marston. Wonder Woman’s first cover was on Sensation Comics #1.

– refers from the poem Hulk at 50 by Rose Auslander 

  1. I really liked the ending of this , Wendy! Wonderful job!

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