Grocery Store at Night

Grocery Store at Night

after the novel Show Up, Look Good by Mark Wisnieski

by Kathleen Kirk

Such shine and such plenty, all the rows
of fruit in order, all the items on the shelves

in perfect alignment. One employee throws
a dust rag to another. The cashier delves

deep in the cash drawer, lifting the change
tray, for a vintage dime, to replace

with one of her own. It’s strange
to catch them at their play, all the day’s

receipts & rules shoved under
this shiny moment. Fluorescent lights pour

on the sudden bright floor, a buffer
still roaring its lionized roar.

So lovely and odd to be here after
1% milk in the grocery store.

-refers from “little actual money” in Helen Losse’s poem Soon

  1. Jeanette Gallagher

    I felt as if I were at the grocery store with the lights shining down on me and knew how strange it would be. I have never been in a store at night but now I know how it feels. The scene is vivid and the poem is delightful!

  2. awritersalchemy

    gorgeous! I love how the list occupies and transforms within the poem.

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