Hulk at 50

Hulk at 50

By Rose Auslander

Sure, I dream the old dreams
of camouflaging my bad self
in giant sequoias,
not tiny sheets of unrecognizable wood.
But then, I gotta
suit up, clock in, chill out,
pull another comic book cover over
my graying Pantone No. 356C
save-the-world green,
my souvenir of that
as yet unrepeatable gamma bomb melt-down
back in ‘62,
when I breathed water
and swam in liquid air,
when I only bled
because I was happy,
and my blood was strong as vodka
but tasted like watermelon lemonade
that’s never been blasted
by radiation
or shrunken
by routine.

refers to “comic book” in Justin Hamm’s poem Playing Blues Harp Alone in an Unfinished Basement

  1. Wow Rose! Way to bring in the New Year! Ah, the memories! loved this!

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