Why I Won’t Date Wolverine

Why I Won’t Date Wolverine

by Rachel Bunting

Gradually, you forget what it’s like to be vulnerable.
You begin walking through glass doors as a shortcut,
you are unafraid of the knife wielded by the man

in the subway who wants your wallet. You do not care
that he desires it not because he wants drugs or liquor
but because he was laid off in the financial collapse

and he cannot tell his family that for the past six weeks
he has been walking out of the house each day in tailored
suits, briefcase in hand, driving his newly-leased Jaguar XF

to a bookstore an hour from home so he can search for a job
without having to tell anyone the truth. You do not care
that he reached bottom last week, no hope for something

new, this is an act of desperation, a way to meet his children’s
demands for new iPods and Converse, for school ski trips
and prom dresses. No, none of this matters: you simply

twist his wrist without looking him in the eye, the knife
falls to the ground with a clatter, and he is holding his own
broken hand.
Who would choose someone unbreakable?

  1. Timely and yet lasting.

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