the lake

the lake

by Karyn Eisler

they say the lake

they all
say it
about the lake

they all say
the same

the experts say it
all of them do

one of them

and the people
say it too

all of them say

the lake

heals you

-refers from the phrase “the lake” in Teresa Stores poem Ice Gone

  1. So cool to read this and experience one thing and to watch the video and experience something else. I like the way the video picked up on the note of desperation in the poem, making it palpable.

  2. I really like this. I rarely watch videos on the web because I have attention deficit disorder and like going at my own pace. I really like this though. The soundtrack is so oddly fitting / contrapuntal. (?) Is that the right word?

  3. Rose / Annmarie:

    Thank-you for the comments! Here’s the corresponding blog post:

    It’s wonderful to have this work featured here ~


  4. Glad to see the video is making its rounds! I’m hoping, someday, to have an open video “reading” period for a feature as well 🙂

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