Rose Auslander

Photo by Liz Hanellin

Photo by Liz Hanellin

Rose Auslander is Poetry Editor of Folded Word Press. She is co-editor of the Twitter anthology, On A Narrow Windowsill; she has read her poems on NPR; her poem “For You Mothers” received a Pushcart nomination; Oh Myreceived a Best of the Net nomination. Also look for Rose’s work in cur-ren-cy; Right Hand Pointing; Blue Fifth Review; Cyclamens and Swords; The Dead Mule; Eye Socket Journal; and Red Dirt Review.

And for an excerpt of Rose’s upcoming memoir about surviving as a pregnant first-year law student and nursing her way through to her diploma, first published in The Mom Egg, visit The Literary Lawyer. You can also read a review of her chapbook Folding Water here at Referential. For updates, follow Rose’s blog.

Rose’s work for Referential:


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