Beth Cagle Burt

Prior to becoming senior editor of moonShine review, poet and photographer Beth Cagle Burt was a featured photographer in the prose journal and in GSU Review. Her photography has also appeared in Palo Alto Review, Maelstrom, Monas Hieroglyphica, and others. She has been featured in exhibitions at a Hart Witzen Gallery studio, Barnes & Noble-Arboretum, and Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in Charlotte, NC.

Beth teaches creative writing and literature at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Her poems have appeared in Slipstream, Tulane Review, Blue Collar Review, New York Quarterly, The Main Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal, NCPS Pinesong Awards, and others. Beth’s award-winning chapbook, The Fearless Tattoo, can be purchased at

Beth’s work for Referential

  1. I love “Dancing with Elvis” very much!

  2. Beth Cagle Burt

    Thank you Andrea,
    You might be interested in knowing that it’s a hand-colorized, black and white strip of sequenced photographs. No computer fraphics were involved :-).

  3. That’s really great, Beth, to hear about the process!

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