Bud Caywood

Bud Caywood is a writer, artist and freelance furniture designer living in Alexander County, NC.  He has written one full length collection of poems and eleven chapbooks.  His art has won numerous awards.

Bud’s work for Referential:

  1. Bud, our son sent this information to me and I think we share many of the same interests. I was a Caywood before I married some 64 years ago. I turned 80 in Jan.
    I have dabbled in art, poetry, writing and perhaps many other things you have a talent for. Our Caywood family has produced some very talented offspring who are interested art, music, poetry, sculpting and many other things to mention.
    I also dabble in genealogy and do wonder if we are distantly related. Our first American descendant was a Stephen Cawood. My great grandfather ( Mason Caywood) came from Flemming, KY, migrated to Ks and my grandfather John R. settled here in OK.
    I would like to hear from you Thanks..


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