Annmarie Lockhart

Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica (, an online literary salon dedicated to bringing poetry into the everyday. She is also the founder of unbound CONTENT ( an independent publisher for a boundless age. A lifelong resident of Bergen County NJ, she writes two miles east of the hospital where she was born. Her work can be read at Caper Literary Journal, Contemporary American Voices, Eclectic Flash, Ink Node, Leaf Garden, OVS Magazine, SPARK, Touch: A Journal of Healing, and, of course, Referential Magazine.

Annmarie’s work for Referential

  1. I love, love, love this!!! Annmarie’s poetic voices are so embodied, so delicate and tough at the same time. Great work!

  2. And maybe we’ll have some work from you someday too Cassie!

  3. Jeanette Gallagher

    Great News! Annmarie is such a talented poet and all round fantastic woman. She is a gift to us. Thank you both for giving us the opportunity to read and write what we can offer.

  4. What a blessing to have Annmarie here! Thank you, Referential, and thank you Annmarie, for inspiring us all with your work!

  5. You go, Jersey Girl!

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