Spring 2012

Brooke Bullock is originally from California. She is currently studying nursing and phlebotomy at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College which she loves. She received her first certification as a nurse aid in California, then worked for a travling nurse agentcy upon moving to NC. When the company she worked for folded she decided to go back to school to become a registered nurse. She loves her current work in hospice care. When she is not cracking the books, or working with hospice patients, she’s busy doing hula dancing and hanging out with friends. She loves to write where people get to see a side of her that they don’t normally see.

Brenda Everett is a full-time student at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Her educational goals are to double major in Archaeology and Creative Writing. Although she is very shy about sharing her writing, Brenda is working up the courage to start sending some of her works out for consideration. Since interning for Referential, Brenda has read so many wonderful writings, learned much, and gained confidence in her writing abilities.

Sammie Golden is a student at Rowan Cabarrus Community College Psychology in Salisbury, North Carolina. She is studying psychology, and is currently enrolled in a creative writing II course.  Sammie enjoy writing about culture and nature. Writing is a passion for Sammie Golden and hope to learn and utilize her skills through this website.

Cynthia Hurst is a 46 year old single mother of three children and a devoted Carolina Basketball fan.  She is enrolled in the Transfer Program at Rowan Cabarrus Community College.  She has one semester remaining to finish her Associates of Arts Degree.  Writing is a form of healing for Cynthia.  Although she may be somewhat hesitant in sharing her work; she just enjoys putting words to paper.  She resides in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Stephanie Johnson has been in love with literature since the first time she read To Kill a Mockingbird. Her first publication was a short poem in her high school’s literary magazine in 2009. A self proclaimed nerd she enjoys comic books and the cinema, especially anything Superman related. Currently she runs her own pop culture blog, is working on a young adult novel, and  plans on opening an accessories boutique in the Spring of 2012

Dani Kendrick says, “Instead of just sitting down and writing everything out long hand, I am just doing the dialogue scenes. When I am done with the scenes I go back and add the details. I don’t pick genres; I just write whatever comes to mind. I use everything for inspirations, TV shows, lyrics, music, movies, even certain lines and quotes from books and people. I don’t like to post anything until it is finished or until I’m happy with it – I don’t have anything finished yet, a lot started, just not finished.”

Kit Mackie is assisting editor and contributor for Queen City Exclusive Magazine. She is currently studying Communications to obtain a degree in Mass Media – Journalism. In her off time she can be found at her blog http://forthebirdz.wordpress.com/, behind the lens of a camera or working on her novel. She currently resides in Charlotte with her four legged friend Lily and boyfriend Rob.

Sam Martinez is a full-time student at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, about to finish his final semester in the Associates in Arts program. Writing has always been a passion of his, so his goal is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which he hopes to assist him in a career in scriptwriting for film and television. Sam currently lives in Concord, North Carolina.

Kari Poe is an artist, mother of three, college student, and a general fan of the written arts.  She is currently interning for Referential Magazine as a fiction editor, and she has been working with a new idea for a writing a science fiction novel.  Although architecture and engineering are the fields around which she is shaping her scholastic career, she fully intends to be a published author in the near future.

Kathie Turner is a part-time student at Rowan Cabarrus Community College (RCCC), with the goal of obtaining an associate’s degree in nursing. Within her years at RCCC she has fondly followed other passions which include psychology and English, with the hopes of becoming an established fiction author in the near future. Kathie lives in Concord, North Carolina, with her husband and daughter.

Narica Willis

  1. So wonderful to meet all of you! Wishing you the best at your internship! 🙂

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