Want to Edit?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on a literary magazine? Or, have you worked on one before, but want to have a bigger role? We are looking for editors! Send us an email at refermag(at)gmail.com or contact Jessie Carty or Andrea Beltran directly via other sources to discuss.

Bird’s-eye View

Joshua Gray ‘s back with his new poem By the Hand of Django which refers from the poem Flowers, yellowing by Carol Stephen. Joshua’s also earned himself a new contributor page.

Start July With a Boom of Fiction

We are starting July off with fiction by L.A. Lawton titled Feminine Perspectives on the Chicken Question which refers from the poem The Daughter Who Speaks in Toads by Rachel Bunting.

The Power of Poetry

Channel your inner superhero with Wendy Carlisle’s poem Wonder Woman at 40 which refers from the poem Hulk at 50 by Rose Auslander.

It’s a Fact – It’s Monday

We are back to Monday. Why don’t we start with some non-fiction? This week’s essay is Kevin Winchester called White-Knuckled Driving which refers from Christin’s Rice essay The Ride of My Life.

Change of Pace

We’re bringing you new fiction from Jamez Chang, who gains a new contributor page too. His story Moxy refers from the story The Department of Extinct Objects – Case Number 1985 by Jessica Patient.

Welcome to June

Welcome in June with some poetry. Today’s poem is by new contributor Clyde Kessler titled Three Generations. It refers from Rose Auslander’s poem Hulk at 50.

Getting Reviewed

Yes, we take reviews. Generally our contributors review each other in some way (same for interviews) so if you are a contributor, and you have something that needs to be reviewed drop us an email. Today we have a review of regular contributor Martin Ott‘s novel The Interrogator’s Notebook by fellow regular contributor Jessica Patient. Stop by and visit each of them!

Side note for anyone who submitted during our last featured reading period: thank you, and all acceptances have been sent.

Natural wonder

There is much to be said about the power of nature upon the human spirit. Today, we bring you three photographs from Peter Birckhead that we feel speak to this and to the healing power of art:

Snow with Rocks & Glass refers from Dómine, non sum dignus, a story by Doug Bond

Awakening now heads our Poetry page

Reverie now heads our Artwork page

Our thoughts are with all those who’ve been affected by the recent devastating storms.

Darker Side of Poetry

We’re excited to bring you a poem by Meg Tuite this week: Your Pain Reminds Me of Who I Won’t Bewhich refers from the word “geometry” in Val Dering Rojas’ poem Breakfast, 7am.