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Welcome new contributor Janeen Rastall and her three new poems:

Enjoy your week!

Change of Pace

We’re bringing you new fiction from Jamez Chang, who gains a new contributor page too. His story Moxy refers from the story The Department of Extinct Objects – Case Number 1985 by Jessica Patient.

We all have secrets

We have a new poem for you this week: Trichotillomania by Monica Crumback, which refers from the story The Most Dangerous Part by Nancy Devine. Monica’s earned herself a new contributor page with this poem!

Storm Chaser

Today we bring you The Men who Chase Storms, a powerful story by regular contributor Daniel Romo which refers from “storm” in Children of Suicides by Lucinda Kempe. What storm are you chasing today?

New Year, New Poem

Happy New Year! Regular contributor Rose Auslander brings us a behind-the-scenes look at a superhero in her poem Hulk at 50 which refers from Justin Hamm’s poem Playing Blues Harp Alone in an Unfinished Basement.

Good Things

Come in threes, so we’re happy to bring you three new poems this week by Julie Brooks Barbour who’s earned herself a new contributor page too:

Escaperefers to “rush” in New Year’s Rush by Rose Auslander

Shelledrefers to “shell” in Leslie’s Shells by Richard Allen Taylor

and Why blue food is so rare refers to “black” in Black-Eyed Susan in Morning by Beth Cagle Burt

Art for your Tuesday

Nicky Yurcaba’s given us Forgotten, a new photograph for our Fiction page! What do you think?

More Vox for our Contributors

Pleased to update the site with a contributor page for Annmarie Lockhart! We’ll have a new poem for her next week but click on her name to reader her bio, check out her terrific Jersey girl pic and read the first poem we published by Annmarie. Oh and don’t forget to click through to read her litmag – Vox Poetica!

New Artwork

We want to eventually have artwork on all of our pages so we are pleased to add a photograph by Val B Russell to our contributors page. Please stop by and take a look and hey then maybe click through and find a contributor to read (or to find more art to view!)

P-T Updated

Anytime one of our contributor has two or more items to be published we give them a contributor page. Val B Russell already has a poem up in Referential but next week I’ll start publishing some of her photography as well so keep an eye out for more from Mrs V!