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Welcome new contributor Janeen Rastall and her three new poems:

Enjoy your week!


There’s no such thing as too much poetry which is why we’re bringing you another poem today: Vacancy by Christopher Grillo refers from “silhouette” in the story Inscription by Nicolette Wong.

Start July With a Boom of Fiction

We are starting July off with fiction by L.A. Lawton titled Feminine Perspectives on the Chicken Question which refers from the poem The Daughter Who Speaks in Toads by Rachel Bunting.

Change of Pace

We’re bringing you new fiction from Jamez Chang, who gains a new contributor page too. His story Moxy refers from the story The Department of Extinct Objects – Case Number 1985 by Jessica Patient.

Natural wonder

There is much to be said about the power of nature upon the human spirit. Today, we bring you three photographs from Peter Birckhead that we feel speak to this and to the healing power of art:

Snow with Rocks & Glass refers from Dómine, non sum dignus, a story by Doug Bond

Awakening now heads our Poetry page

Reverie now heads our Artwork page

Our thoughts are with all those who’ve been affected by the recent devastating storms.

Fictional May

In a lot of the South we aren’t quite believing it is Spring. This fictional spring fluctuates between more winter-like and then summer-like conditions. Join us in Fictional May with new contributor Darlene Cah’s story White Dog which refers from Tuere T.S. Ganges story Dishes before daylight.


When the grip gives out: poetry. Today’s new poem is Grip by Worthy Evans which refers from the word “gripped” in Sheila Lamb’s story Swim.

April is Dedicated to Poetry

It’s National Poetry Month! To celebrate, Referential will be featuring new poetry each week in April. Let’s begin the festivities with Hamako, a prose poem by Sonja Johanson which refers from the story After Pamela by Erin Fitzgerald.

When Poets and Fiction Collide

This morning Craig Fishbane becomes a regular contributor with his new fiction piece titled Poets at the Boarding House which refers from the word window in CL Bledsoe’s poem Elegy for the Lawnmower.

Featured Fiction

We’re delighted to share our first feature selection of 2013: Behold the Lamb by Grace Andreacchi. Thanks for sharing this story with us, Grace.