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Welcome new contributor Janeen Rastall and her three new poems:

Enjoy your week!

Moustache Monday

New poetry to start off the week: Charlie Chaplin Wants Us to Stare At His Lips by Valerie Loveland which refers from the poem The lips were the worst by Laura McCullough.


There’s no such thing as too much poetry which is why we’re bringing you another poem today: Vacancy by Christopher Grillo refers from “silhouette” in the story Inscription by Nicolette Wong.

Over the Hump With Poetry

How about getting over the hump of the week with some poetry? Today we present Grocery Store at Night by Kathleen Kirk which refers from the poem Soon by Helen Losse.

Polar Bears Playing Strip Poker

Yes, you read that right. And because we don’t want to leave you in suspense much longer, we introduce Gemma Cooper-Novack’s poem Strip Poker at the Arctic Circle which refers from Rosalyn Marhatta’s poem Shark Snark.

Water and Ice

This week we are sharing two poems by Cindy Droege:

Enjoy these poems, and your week 🙂

Start July With a Boom of Fiction

We are starting July off with fiction by L.A. Lawton titled Feminine Perspectives on the Chicken Question which refers from the poem The Daughter Who Speaks in Toads by Rachel Bunting.

It’s a Fact – It’s Monday

We are back to Monday. Why don’t we start with some non-fiction? This week’s essay is Kevin Winchester called White-Knuckled Driving which refers from Christin’s Rice essay The Ride of My Life.

Change of Pace

We’re bringing you new fiction from Jamez Chang, who gains a new contributor page too. His story Moxy refers from the story The Department of Extinct Objects – Case Number 1985 by Jessica Patient.

Welcome to June

Welcome in June with some poetry. Today’s poem is by new contributor Clyde Kessler titled Three Generations. It refers from Rose Auslander’s poem Hulk at 50.