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Poetry Begets Poetry

Not only do we have a new poem today that refers from another previously published poem, but both of the poems are prose poems!

Yes, we find this exciting. This is the kind of excitement that only an editor can have.

Laressa Dickey’s poem 2, From Catalogue of Utilities refers from the phrase “furious as trees go” in the poem Spellbound by J. P. Dancing Bear.

Poetry Monday

What better way to start your week than with poetry?

Today we are publishing the second poem in the three we have for Laura McCullough. We are also, for the first time, referring Laura’s second poem from work of her own – her first poem!

Today we publishing Longing which refers to When Wonder. Why not take a snack break with both of them?

Another Triple Threat

Scot Siegel has been a regular contributor to Referential since it’s start. If you check out his contributor page you will see he has sent in photography as well as poetry. We are now happy to have some of his fiction work as well. His short fiction piece Before the War refers from Cary Briel’s poem Shall I Go Up?

We think you shall check it all out!

March Artwork Complete

When I started Referential it was very important to me that a lot of art/photography was included along with excellent writing because I feel there is a lot of interplay between all forms of creative medium. I am very pleased, therefore, that with publication today of Jimmy Pitts’ Sun Chair (which refers to Richard Allen Taylor’s poem “Domestic Advice to a Divorced Friend”) that we now have artwork associated with every poem we published in March 2010.

If you click through on other poetry, fiction and non-fiction you will see they are all not yet illustrated so if you are into art and photography and have work or know of someone who has work that might work with some of the writing showcased here then please check our guidelines on how to submit your work.

We also want art for every page on the site so you will see art on our guidelines pages, individual contributor pages etc. We’d love to have your work to go along with those spots as well. Keep us busy looking at your terrific work!

Celebrating July

When I accepted the newest piece of art for Referential, I didn’t know that it was named “July” but what a happy accident as I publish it in the month of July. This painting by Jimmy Pitts is simply beautiful and I have selected it to go with Helen Losse’s poem Concerning Apple Pie which was published back in March.

We will be opening for a non-fiction featured reading period in August but we are still open year round for all referred material.

Fiction Month Continues

What happens after a month reading prose submissions? Well, you end up with a lot of really great material to publish. Today we have The Love Song of Langley Moran by Wayne Scheer (which has it’s own literary references) which refers from a line in Madeline Mora-Summonte’s story If This is Crazy.

Flash Fiction Wednesday

As promised, we have uploaded Madeline Mora-Summonte’s second short fiction piece for Referential. Stop by and read Rooted in the Past and while you are there perhaps click back and read Helen Losse’s poem from which it refers.

New Non-Fiction

I’ve been surprised at how little non-fiction is being submitted to us. Especially given that we are open to any form (see guidelines), but if we aren’t going to have a lot of it, I am happy that we have great stuff!

New non-fiction editor Eleanor Bryan has selected her first piece for publication: Ballast by Sally Bellerose which refers from Mindy Evans’ poem This Poem is Free.

We might open a specific featured reading period for non-fiction in August but we are always reading for referred pieces!

Artwork Day 2

To finish off the current artwork we had from writer and photographer, Val B Russell, we present her piece titled “Tangled Light” which accompanies Mindy Evans’ poem This Poem is Free.

Now back to wrangling up all the pending prose we have for you and we have a LOT of pending prose for you!

Poetry Through Fiction

We have a new poem up today titled Shall I Go Up by Cary Briel which refers from a phrase in Dawn Corrigan’s fiction piece Golden.